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Subscribers may watch any video on the site using the device of choice – tablet, smartphone, or computer.  All for one low monthly price. Currently we’re featuring Doug Marks’ Complete Guitar Course which includes 48 weekly lessons.

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The Annual Plan ($99.95) includes all lesson materials at no additional cost. This is just $8.33 per month.  Personal assistance from Doug Marks is available at no additional charge on

Streaming videos feature on-screen tab, on-screen chapters, and backing tracks. Lesson materials include printable tab, Guitar Pro files, backing tracks, and fretboard diagrams for off-line study.

A PayPal account is required to signup - you can create one for free.

Credit cards for this annual subscription will be charged annually.  You may cancel at any time but the unused portion of your subscription will not be refunded.


Download the complete Table of Contents to find specific techniques and topics.  Simply search this document to learn which lessons include the information that you're seeking.

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If you're watching this on a smartphone, begin by pressing the play icon. Next, touch the video once then select the full screen icon.  The menu can be accessed at any time by selecting the menu icon at the bottom of the screen.


$99.95 per year.

Your card will be charged annually and you may cancel at any time. This subscription includes all lesson materials at no additional charge. You will find a link to these materials in your profile page.

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